10/31/2012 02:02 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Debenhams, British Department Store, To Drop 'Confusing' Coffee Terms

British department store Debenhams is hoping to clear up any confusion caused by complicated coffee names -- like "cappuccino," "latte," "mocha" and "black coffee" -- and replacing them with descriptive terms "frothy coffee," "really really milky coffee," "chocolate flavoured coffee," and "simple coffee, with or without milk" as part of a campaign to translate menus into "plain English."

We have to wonder, though, if Debenhams could have just included descriptions underneath each offering instead of dumbing down the menu. However will anyone learn what a cappuccino is now?

But, we do applaud another move to re-label size options. Where other companies use labels like "tall" (small), "grande" (large) or "venti" (extra large), Debenhams will only offer coffee in a "cup" or "mug" size.

We have a feeling Paul Rudd's character in "Role Models" would approve.

In a release, Debenhams disclosed that more than 100,000 coffees are sold each week in the 160 plus Debenhams cafes and restaurants across the U.K. and Ireland. Coffee accounts for 67 percent of sales, compared to 33 percent for tea.

The new menu is just a trial at the store's location on Oxford Street in London, but is being rolled out in select stores. The founder of the Plain English Campaign, Chrissie Maher, expressed support for the move to the Daily Mirror:

"Whether tea or coffee, it needs to be in plain English," she said. "If customers can read the menu clearly, they're more likely to try something new and they may come back."



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