10/31/2012 07:38 am ET

'19 Kids & Counting' Michelle Duggar Gets A Makeover, Cuts Her Hair For Her Birthday (VIDEO)

For Michelle Duggar's 46th birthday, her kids had a huge and unexpected surprise for her on "19 Kids & Counting." They brought in her childhood friend Cindy to help give their mom a makeover. Cindy suspected it had probably been 40 years since Michelle had tried a new look.

The makeover saw Michelle lose eight inches of hair, which she said was the most she had ever cut off at one time. And, at least temporarily, her curls were straightened. It was definitely a whole new style for Michelle, but her kids thought she looked great.

Jim Bob, on the other hand? "I do like it longer," he said, repeating it for emphasis.

Michelle sported the new look to her birthday celebration, but then returned to her usual curly look. That along with Jim Bob's comment makes it seem pretty likely that she'll let it grow back into the style she'd sported for the past four decades.

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