10/31/2012 10:06 pm ET Updated Dec 31, 2012

Romney's Secrecy: Did He Get Away With It?

In January, in a South Carolina debate just before that state's primary, Newt Gingrich hit Mitt Romney hard for releasing barely any of his tax returns: "Look, he's got to decide and the people of South Carolina have to decide. But if there's anything in there that is going to help us lose the election, we should know it before the nomination. And if there's nothing in there, why not release it?" The audience cheered, and when Gingrich proceeded to trounce Romney at the polls the following Saturday, voters told me that Romney's secrecy about his tax returns was part of their decision--they didn't necessarily care what tax rate Romney paid, but they didn't like his declaration that it wasn't any of their business.

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