11/01/2012 01:33 pm ET

Airlines' Legroom: Business Traveller Survey Ranks Airlines' Legroom Measurements (PHOTOS)

Flickr: big-ashb

Which airline touts the most space for your legs? A new survey from Business Traveller magazine ranks just how far you can stretch out those gams in-flight.

Business Traveller culled data from 32 airlines to complete the survey, which is a supplement to its November edition. It ranked airlines in a number of categories: amount of legroom in economy, seat width in economy, legroom in premium economy, seat width in premium economy, and length of fully-flat beds in business class.

Hong Kong's Cathay Pacific took the top spot in most of the categories, claiming most legroom in economy (tied with Singapore Airlines), most width in premium economy, and the longest beds in business class.

Emirates can tout the most width in economy, while Turkish Airlines has the most legroom in its premium economy section.

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For the top 10 ranked airlines with the most legroom in economy, check out the slideshow below. For all of the survey results, visit Business Traveller's website.



Airlines With The Most Economy Legroom