11/01/2012 04:00 pm ET

'Decisions' Video: Miley Cyrus & Borgore Get Caked, Liam Hemsworth Is A Unicorn

We first brought you news of Miley Cyrus' foray into dubstep when "Decisions," a track from Israeli producer Borgore which features Cyrus' vocals, hit the net. Two months later, the track has a video, in which the starlet gets cake thrown at her.

Cyrus also sticks her tongue in the fake mouth of fiancé Liam Hemsworth, who is dressed as a unicorn. Borgore's porn star ex-girlfriend also makes an appearance. There's not much else to the visuals, and the track is pretty standard for a popular dubstep production, a wobbly, driving mess of a thing that resolves itself in a somewhat brutal breakdown. (That last sentence may be a positive or negative review, depending on what is looking for from music.)

Borgore told Rolling Stone that Cyrus asked that he not plaster her face with cake during filming. "It's clearly not part of my agenda," he said. "but she's pretty, so I cut her some slack."

Miley Cyrus