11/01/2012 08:54 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Gisele vs. Heidi Klum As Cleopatra: Who Had The Best Halloween Costume? (PHOTOS, POLL)

Two supermodels, one Halloween costume: did Gisele make the better Cleopatra or did Heidi Klum?

By coincidence (we assume), both models picked the same historical figure for their 2012 Halloween get-ups. Heidi has been planning hers for weeks, previewing the outfit in a behind-the-scenes video on her website last week. Then on Wednesday Gisele Bundchen posted a photo on her Facebook with the caption, "Happy Halloween! Are you getting dressed up today? What do you think about my Cleopatra look?"

So let's compare. Heidi wins in the headdress department, while Gisele is killing it in her thick azure eye makeup. Since neither have naturally black hair, both models opted for wigs, with Gisele's beaded version the more impressive of the two.

But, to be fair, we never got to see Heidi's finalized look -- the model had to cancel her annual Halloween party due to Hurricane Sandy. So the world will never know just how amazing her 2012 Halloween costume was...

Given the evidence, we invite you to decide: who's channeling Cleopatra better?

gisele heidi klum cleopatra halloween

gisele heidi klum cleopatra halloween

gisele heidi klum cleopatra halloween

Check out Heidi's 2011 Halloween costume:

Heidi Klum's 2011 Halloween Party

(Via People StyleWatch)

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