11/01/2012 06:06 pm ET

Megan Fox Talks To Dolphin In Acer Laptop Ad (VIDEO)

An Acer laptop has the power to turn Megan Fox into a brilliant marine biologist who talks to a dolphin.

Talk about a transformer!

In a new commercial for Acer's Aspire S7, Fox plays on her babe status by keeping the proceedings chaste in labcoats and button-downs.

Critics, as they often do when it comes to the "Friends With Kids" and "Jennifer's Body" actress, made their opinions known:

"Fox has zero on-screen charisma, and makes for a puzzling spokesperson," Copyranter wrote.

"Fox's ad was deflating, because I expected an over-the-top payoff with Megan getting her legs torn off by cackling dolphins," AdWeek said.

But Mashable stared into Fox's beguiling blue eyes and saw the pioneering scientist within. "Fox makes a somewhat convincing marine biologist," it wrote.