11/01/2012 03:56 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Tall Horse Wine Ads Lampoon Snooty Wine Industry (VIDEOS)

We've got to hand it Tall Horse wines, which recently released a few hilarious ads poking fun at the wine industry. It takes guts to laugh at yourself.

The South African outfit enlisted the help of comedian Kurt Schoonraad in a series of videos for its "The Truth About Wine" campaign, which means to make the often snooty world of wine seem a bit more accessible.

We can't call these videos educational, but we did learn that there's no such thing as a "Bordox" barrel, and we were made aware of the existence of an awesome "pully-uppy-thingy."

Creative showcase web site Between 10 and 5 writes that the ad has been wildly successful for Tall Horse:

The videos hit over 12,000 YouTube views in the first two weeks of release with over 680 000 Facebook newsfeed impressions, 400 shares and 800 extra likes added to the Tall Horse Facebook page.

Fair warning, these ads at times have the look and feel of a blooper reel -- so there's a bit of mild, unscripted swearing. Remember to wear headphones if you're in the office!

Take a look at Tall Horse's ads below, and just try not to laugh.



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