11/02/2012 08:05 am ET Updated Nov 02, 2012

Fall 2012 Celebrity Hair Color Trends: Platinum Blondes And Redheads Rule (PHOTOS)

When Miley Cyrus tweeted a new platinum blonde haircut (and said goodbye to what was left of her "Hannah Montana" persona), you may have wondered what the heck she was thinking. But the 19-year-old actress and singer's drastic transformation was one we'd see play out on the red carpet (Natalie Portman's golden curls for her latest movie role) and October 2012 cover of W magazine (Keira Knightley's electrifying blonde crop).

While these famous faces have been busy building the case that blondes have more fun, however, actresses like Kristen Wiig and Christina Ricci are campaigning for redheads. We're used to seeing these two sport considerably darker 'dos, but we love their switch to red hues.

With recent celebrity hair makeovers landing on totally separate ends of the color spectrum, it's pretty clear that platinum blondes and redheads rule fall. And according to celebrity hairstylist Rene Fris of Salon SCK in New York City, these two hair colors are dripping in power, confidence and sex appeal. Suddenly inspired to dye your hair? Read on for Rene's pro tips on choosing the right shade for your skin tone, as well as do-it-yourself hair treatments to maintain your color throughout the cold-weather season. And keep scrolling down for our star-studded slideshow of blondes and redheads.

Get your glow on with the perfect hair color
If you have fair skin, Rene suggests copper or fire red (Florence Welch is a great reference point) to make your complexion look warm. But with this pale skin tone, you can go all out with a yellow-toned platinum blonde hairdo (like funny girl Anna Faris), or ease into it as a dirty blonde. If you have a deeper complexion, experiment with a burgundy color (recall Rihanna's dark red ringlets?), or lighten up with a honey, golden blonde (think Beyoncé).

Root grown-out? Embrace them.
Rene considers its totally fine if your roots appear, as it creates a gorgeous and more natural contrast. But once your rich red or cool blonde starts to fade, he recommends getting your hair re-colored. If you don't want your natural hair to show in your roots, visit your colorist every six weeks. Most redheads can go up to three months without re-coloring, however, platinum blondes may need to make an appointment every four weeks because the look is meant to be extreme.

Colder conditions call for deep conditioning
Coloring can be harsh on your hair, so it will need lots of care. Rene always recommend getting a deep conditioning mask at your hairdresser in the winter -- those where you sit under heat for up to 20 minutes. Coconut oil also has the ability to penetrate your hair and make it stronger. Another amazing ingredient your hair will love are eggs because they are high in protein, explains Rene. The professional's DIY hair treatment for colored-hair: Crack an egg in a bowl and mix it with some melted coconut oil (you can melt it in the microwave or in a pot), apply it to your dry hair from scalp to ends and leave it on for 45 minutes. Wash, rinse and you are left with soft, healthy looking hair.

Blondes And Redheads Rule Fall 2012

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