11/02/2012 10:23 am ET

'Jersey Boys' Put In Turnaround By Warner Bros.; Jon Favreau Can Shop To Other Studios

Big girls don't cry, but they might get a little misty at this bit of news: According to Variety, Warner Bros. has put the film adaptation of "Jersey Boys" into a turnaround. That means director Jon Favreau and producer Graham King ("The Departed") can shop the project to another studio; if none is interested, however, "Jersey Boys" may not go forward.

Based on the popular jukebox musical, "Jersey Boys" tells the story of The Four Seasons, the 1960s quartet led by Frankie Valli. The band was famous for hit songs like "Sherry," "Walk Like a Man," "Dawn (Go Away)," "Who Loves You," "December 1963 (Oh What A Night)" and "Big Girls Don't Cry."

While no one was cast as yet, Variety reports that Favreau had reached out to actors like John Magaro and Dominic Cooper for leading roles. (Interestingly, Magaro stars in David Chase's "Not Fade Away," a film about an up and coming New Jersey rock band in the late 1960s.)

Finding a studio for "Jersey Boys" could be difficult: Before Warner Bros. attached itself in September, the project had been set up at Sony. Favreau has a relationship with Disney (he's making "Magic Kingdom" for the studio), however, and he previously worked with Paramount on the "Iron Man" films, so those are two potential destinations for "Jersey Boys." (It should be noted, though, that neither of those studios are involved at the moment.)

For more on "Jersey Boys," including who else was eyed for a leading role, head over to Variety.

[via Variety]

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