11/02/2012 03:39 pm ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

Josh Weed, Gay Mormon Husband And Father, Talks Sex Life With Wife Lolly On Ricki Lake

A devout Mormon gay man opened up about his controversial, decade-long marriage to a woman on "The Ricki Lake Show" this week, revealing intimate details about the couple's love life.

Josh Weed, who came out earlier this year in a 6,000-word blog post on his website, told Lake, "I love [my wife] a lot in an intimate, personal way...communication was top-notch."

Before describing their sex life as "good," Lolly added, "I think we let ourselves be vulnerable, we let ourselves share...that's what intimacy is about."

Of his decision to to tie the knot with a woman instead of being in a same-sex relationship, Weed noted, "I feel like I definitely made an exchange. But I feel like life is about making the exchanges that you need to make...you cannot have all the things that are out there."

In his earlier blog post, Josh said he came out to his parents at age 13, but described himself as a "traditionalist at heart."

"I wanted to raise children that were biologically the product of me and the one I love," he explained in the blog. "Thankfully, Lolly was willing to marry me, and we found ourselves able to conceive children."



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