11/02/2012 12:43 pm ET

Juan Diaz, Elgin 15-Time DUI Offender, Lost License Four Times But Kept Driving

A single DUI arrest is sobering enough for some drivers, but for one Elgin man, 15 DUIs and four revoked licenses weren't enough to keep him off the road.

Elgin police pulled over Juan Diaz on Oct. 20 as Diaz was swerving his white Econoline van west on I-90 near Elgin, says CBS Chicago. Onlookers reportedly saw the van cross into oncoming traffic several times before police made the stop.

It wasn't until Diaz was taken to a Kane County police station and fingerprinted that police realized they may have pulled over a man who used multiple aliases--possibly as many as eight--to dupe law enforcement. A system search turned up multiple names with the Diaz's face, leading police to realize their repeat offender had multiple licences each under different names and licence numbers, the station reports. Diaz also had his licences revoked four times.

“How someone could accumulate that many arrests and still be driving, I don’t know,” said Elgin Police Cmdr. Glenn Theriault to the Chicago Sun-Times.

Diaz could face between six and 30 years in jail with no chance of probation, reports the Sun-Times. Diaz is charged under an Illinois law that classifies a sixth DUI conviction as a Class X felony.

In Illinois, first-time DUI offenders can often get a break by undergoing court supervision and using a Monitoring Device Driving Permit to avoid license suspension if the program is completed successfully.



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