11/05/2012 12:07 pm ET Updated Nov 05, 2012

Ann Romney Compares Campaigning To Pregnancy (VIDEO)

While campaigning in Ohio, Ann Romney told the crowd that "running is very hard on families." That's why, after her husband lost in 2008 she made him a videotape saying, "Sweetie, I'm never doing this again." But Mitt laughed and called her bluff -- she recalls his response: "You say that after every pregnancy."

In this clip, Ann goes on to explain that after giving birth to her fifth son, Craig, she was certain he would be the last kid. "There were no daughters in my future, I could see that for sure," Ann told the crowd. Over the summer, she had admitted to Diane Sawyer that she wanted a girl but is grateful for her sons.

"One thing I can say about boys is they've taught me much more than I think I would have learned by being a mother of girls. They taught me to be real, to have no baloney and to just say it straight and then get over it. And that was a great lesson," she said.

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