11/05/2012 03:41 pm ET

Big Bird, Mitt Romney Fight, Dance At Texas High School Football Halftime Show (VIDEO)

Mitt Romney said he likes Big Bird, but the feeling might not be mutual.

In this video from halftime at Saturday's football game at Beaumont Central Medical Magnet High School in Texas, students dressed as Romney and Big Bird participate in a dance-off, and the latter performer takes a rather funny spill as part of the routine.

But things don't get too political: Big Bird and Romney shake and make up after busting a couple of dance moves for the crowd.

According to Texas Sports Center, the other guy on the field is supposed to be President Barack Obama. Politics aside, it looks like he's clearly the best dancer of the three.

Romney, the Republican presidential nominee, drew criticism after the first presidential debate when he said he would cut funding to PBS, which puts on shows such as Sesame Street. The remark spawned a wave of Internet memes featuring Romney and Big Bird.

Beaumont Central Medical Magnet High School defeated Little Cypress-Mauriceville High School 44-28 in the game. Before the routine, the band's director reportedly reminded everyone in the audience to vote on Tuesday.