11/05/2012 08:55 am ET

'Breaking Amish': Abe and Rebecca Storm Out Of Bachelor Party After Stripper Arrives (VIDEO)

On “Breaking Amish,” Jeremiah and Sabrina put on a joint bachelor and bachelorette party in Atlantic City for the recently engaged Abe and Rebecca.

The gang made the love birds put on white T-shirts so strangers could scribble messages on them. Jeremiah then went shopping -- and came back with blow-up dolls, handcuffs and a stripper.

Rebecca wasn't exactly pleased. “The, you know, English bachelor/bachelorette party is really weird. I’d never recommend it,” she said.

The stripper was the straw that broke the camel's back. “I told you guys not to f*cking do this!” Rebecca yelled, as Abe announced, “Party’s over!" and they got up and left.

Examiner reports Abe and Rebecca could get married on next week’s finale. TLC aired a clip showing Abe tying his tie, and Rebecca in her wedding dress.

Next week’s finale will be followed by part one of the two-part reunion, which will address ongoing questions about the cast’s credibility, such as whether Rebecca and Abe were a serious couple before filming of the show began, and that they might even have a child together.

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