11/05/2012 11:54 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Candid Photo Of Siblings Makes Everyone Want To Have More Kids

HuffPost blogger Allison Tate (of Mom Stays In the Picture fame) recently had an epiphany about her kids. Because they are siblings, she realized they are each other’s “memory keepers,” explaining:

I worry about whether they will ever be friends without rivalry and look out for each other, but I never before thought about the way they keep each other as well; they will be uniquely able to bear witness and reconstruct for each other the world I am bringing them up in together.

If Tate's essay captures the essence of raising siblings in writing, this photo that was posted to Reddit expresses the same spirit visually.

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Steven Pierce, who posted the picture of his kids Josh (9), Nora (5) and Layla (7) with the caption: "my kids fall asleep holding hands often."

"Josh says sometimes they do it when they have bad dreams and sometimes they just want to hold hands," Pierce told HuffPost via email.

This dad's experience might not be universal -- he says his kids do quarrel, but never fight -- but the precious image served as a sort of public service announcement for having more than one child.

"I shall use this to bolster my argument as to why we need to have more kids! My wife will have to breakdown after viewing this," one dad wrote. "This makes me want to get pregnant with our second child asap," a mom on Reddit added.

So, while you may be quick to point fingers at Hurricane Sandy for any impending baby boom, we think this photo might be helping things along.

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