11/05/2012 11:11 am ET Updated Nov 05, 2012

'Outback Hunters': Monster Croc Sinks Boat (VIDEO)

It seems the sole purpose of "Outback Hunters" is to one-up its Louisiana gator-hunting counterpart "Swamp People."

Forget the fact they mostly use seemingly handmade harpoons to hunt 15-foot crocs. One of the hunters decided to keep an eye on a 16-foot monster by posting-up not-too-far away on a half submerged tree ... and that wasn’t even the most dangerous part.

The ferocious croc lunged, and put a hole in the bottom of the boat. That left their boat sinking and a giant, very aggressive croc is circling it. But they decided to press on and so did the croc. He charged the boat one more time, so they started shooting at it. The first and second shot missed, but the third hit the reptile in the head.

On Twitter, viewers were also comparing “Outback Hunters” to “Swamp People” ... on steroids.

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