11/06/2012 01:25 pm ET

'Bada Bling Brides' On TLC Brings Drama, Bad Dresses (VIDEO)

When it comes to weddings, families can be pushy.

On TLC's newest wedding show, "Bada Bling Brides," premiering Thurs. Nov. 8 at 10pm EST, (yes, another TLC wedding show), bride Vanessa's family gets way too involved in her wedding gown shopping experience.

When Vanessa sees her custom-designed wedding gown for the first time, she is thoroughly unimpressed. Her family, however, thinks the gown is terrific.

"It's duchess, just the way you like it," says Lia, Vanessa's mother.

"That's a lot of bling," Vanessa replies.

We hope most brides will stand their ground when it comes to their wedding gowns (Vanessa included). Watch the video above to see more of Vanessa's shopping trip.

How did you keep overbearing family members at bay during wedding planning? Let us know in the comments!

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