11/06/2012 10:00 am ET Updated Nov 06, 2012

James Franco Has Written His First Poetry Chapbook

James Franco's epithet is still in the making, but "jack of all trades" wouldn't be far off. Last week, the actor, artist, screenwriter, blogger, musician, author, and newly deemed professor tacked on another title: poet.

Franco's first chapbook of poetry, Strongest of the Litter, was published last week by Hollyridge Press. The publisher calls the poems "beautiful and spare," and explains that they center on the theme of the self-consuming role of power in Hollywood.

Unsurprisingly, the publication of this collection doesn't mark Franco's first foray into poetry. He played Allen Ginsberg in a movie rendition of Howl, has lectured at New York University about translating poetry into film, and attended poetry classes at Warren Wilson College in North Carolina.

The poems in the book are written in a myriad of voices, a style adopted by modernist poet Williams Carlos Williams. Oh, and the cover inexplicably features hip hop artist Riff Raff -- could this be a hint at what artistic endeavor our Renaissance Man will take up next? With James Franco, it's impossible to say.



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