11/06/2012 10:58 am ET

Lisa Anne Auerbach's Politically Charged Knitted Sweaters Rock Our World (PHOTOS)

We're beyond sick of the political bumper sticker, the political pin and the political Halloween costume. This election day it's all about the political sweater. Cozy and subversive, LA artist Lisa Anne Auerbach's works of knitted art let you bundle up while you speak out.

Auerbach's sweaters, which we first spotted on Flavorwire, feature two centuries of political slogans (from 1812 to 2012) in red-white-and-blue stitchings. Some of the slogans are evergreen; for instance, the 1980 Carter/Reagan campaign line asks, "Are you better off today than you were four years ago?" Others seem more archaic, like 1812's "War Party" sweater. While the issues, eras and political parties differ from sweater to sweater, an underlying patriotism beneath the rhetoric warms our hearts (and our torsos).

Do you have a favorite sweater from Auerbach's collection? We have to admit we have a soft spot for the 'Jewish Grandmas for Obama'. Check out the Fair Isle friends below and don't forget to vote!

Lisa Anne Auerbach