11/06/2012 09:49 am ET

Live Election Coverage: Follow The 2012 Presidential & Congressional Races In Real-Time

Live election coverage won't be hard to find on Decision Day as television networks and sites across the web serve up the latest news on the presidential contest the hottest congressional, gubernatorial and local races.

Scroll down to check out our Election Day live blog. We'll following the latest developments to unfold on the trail and reaction from politics and media personalities until all the ballots are counted.

The AP reports:

Americans have an array of alternatives for following returns on Tuesday night. Television news divisions are throwing everything they have into the story. People will be able to construct their own media experiences, seek out desired information instead of waiting for it, participate in conversations and hear analysis that reflects their own perspectives or none in particular.

Virtually all of the media organizations covering the election promise an abundance of information available online, from interactive maps that display state-by-state results to data from exit polls.

Click here to launch our interactive presidential election map and for the latest polls numbers. Follow all of the latest Election Day news to unfold below.



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