11/06/2012 01:43 pm ET

Two-Thirds Of Full-Time Workers Don't Share Their Political Affiliation At Work: Survey

The news is dominated by politics these days. Workplace chatter? Not so much.

About two-thirds of full-time American workers don't share their political affiliation at work, and 28 percent of workers said they feel they need to hide their political affiliation from their coworkers, according to a CareerBuilder survey of 4,152 full-time U.S. workers released Monday ahead of Tuesday's presidential election.

The survey also found that 98 percent of workers don't have any presidential campaign items on display at their office.

As workers stay quiet about their political views, some CEOs have become vocal about who they think their employees should vote for. The Supreme Court made this legal in its 2010 Citizens United decision.

(Hat tip: Forbes)

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