11/06/2012 09:44 am ET

Washington Election 2012: Presidential, Senate & Governor's To Be Decided (LIVE UPDATES)

In the Washington election on Tuesday, ballots will be cast in presidential, U.S. Senate and governor's races.

Barack Obama leads Mitt Romney in the latest polls by a comfortable margin in the Evergreen State. Democratic incumbent Sen. Maria Cantwell appears to be in a strong position to pull out a win over Republican challenger Michael Baumgartner.

The race for governor in Washington is more competitive going into Election Day. Democratic candidate Jay Inslee has a razor-thin lead over Republican opponent Rob McKenna, according to the latest polls. Democratic incumbent Gov. Christine Gregoire's term will expire at the end of the year.

The Seattle Times reported over the weekend:

Over the past week, the rivals have traveled the state to pump up volunteers with the message that every vote matters in the close-fought race. Their divergent get-out-the-vote tour itineraries say a lot about where the two campaigns are counting on for support.

McKenna, the two-term attorney general from Bellevue, has rolled across most of the state with a 29-city "RV tour," spending much of the week in Republican-leaning areas of Eastern and Central Washington.

Inslee, the former eight-term congressman from Bainbridge Island, has hewed close to his urban Puget Sound base, making no campaign appearances east of the Cascades since an Oct. 17 event in Spokane.

A marijuana legalization measure will also appear on the ballot in Washington. Initiative 502 has the support of 53 percent of voters, according to a poll recently over the weekend.

Voters in Washington make their voices heard through a mail-in ballot system. The Washington Secretary of State website offers details on the requirements and process.

Here's a snapshot of the latest polls in Senate races across the country. Scroll down for live blog updates on the latest news to unfold on Election Day.

2012 Senate Race Polls