11/07/2012 09:11 am ET

Carrie Fisher In 'Episode VII'? 'Yes, Sure,' Princess Leia Tells Paparazzi

Harrison Ford may or may not be onboard for "Star Wars: Episode VII" -- the cantankerous star is reportedly "upbeat" about wearing Han Solo's vest again -- but what about Carrie Fisher? The erstwhile Princess Leia could also be up for another trip to a galaxy far, far away; or she could just be tired of the paparazzi.

TMZ surrounded Fisher while the actress was walking her dog and asked if a return for "Episode VII" might happen. "Yes, sure," Fisher said. Pushed to clarify that she would star in "Star Wars" if approached, the uncomfortable actress snapped back, "Wouldn't you?" (The actual TMZ headline: "Carrie Fisher -- Damn Right I Want To Be in the New 'Star Wars.'")

While it's not clear how much Ford knew about the plans for "Episode VII," Fisher and star Mark Hamill were privy to the information since August, when George Lucas took the pair to lunch.

"He said, 'We decided we're going to do Episodes VII, VIII, and IX,'" Hamill told EW.com. "I was just gobsmacked. 'What? Are you nuts?!'"

Watch Fisher's awkward paparazzi interaction above. Expect many, many, many more rumors about "Star Wars: Episode VII" between now and its release in 2015.

[via TMZ]

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