11/07/2012 12:28 pm ET

Kyle Thomas' Diamonds Made From His Cremated Ashes Lost During Shipping

A $15,000 set of diamonds made from a 25-year-old man's cremated ashes went missing in Texas as they were being shipped to the man's family.

Algordanza -- a Switzerland-based company that makes the specialty gems for families of lost loved ones -- told that its Houston office lost Kyle Thomas' ash diamonds in transit to Australia, where the family lives.

The family bought two diamonds.

"They are worthless to someone else, but priceless to Kyle's family and I," said Hannah Moore, a friend who made a public cry for help finding them on the "R.I.P. Kyle 'Durst' Thomas" Facebook page. "It is heartbraking to think that a piece of Kyle could be pawned or thrown away once the stealer knows they are man made diamonds."

It's yet unclear whether the diamonds were actually stolen, but the Thomas family recently opened their package to find two empty boxes. Algordanza employees told that they may have been pilfered somewhere between Singapore and Australia.

Australian police and UPS are investigating the incident.

Algordanza's "Memorial Diamonds" are processed by taking carbon from human remains, converting that into graphite and then putting a starter diamond and the graphite under intense pressure, according to their website.

"Diamonds are forever, and they can be an everlasting keepsake," the website states. "[We] can produce for you an authentic, brilliant diamond composed entirely of human elements such as the cremated remains of a loved one."



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