11/07/2012 03:55 pm ET

New York Nor'easter: Parks Closed, People Evacuated As Another Storm Hits Sandy-Battered City (LIVE UPDATES)

As parts of New York City are still struggling to recover from Superstorm Sandy, yet another storm is settling in over the five boroughs Wednesday, bringing with it rain, snow, and strong winds. On Tuesday, Mayor Michael Bloomberg called for the evacuation of low-lying areas in Zone A.

From New York City's severe weather warning:

A significant storm is forecast to impact New York City today from approximately mid-day Wednesday through Thursday morning. Although only an inch of rain is forecast, sustained winds will reach 25 to 40 miles per hour, with gusts up from 55 to 65 miles per hour. The wind will cause a storm surge ranging from 3 to 5 feet at high tide Wednesday afternoon, with the highest surge levels forecast for the Western Long Island sound; surge levels are forecast to be slightly lower at high tide Wednesday night.

Bloomberg was concerned Tuesday that the storm could compound damages created by Superstorm Sandy.

"We could have some snow on the ground and certainly some snow on the trees," Bloomberg said. "That makes trees that already have their base flooded more likely to fall over and that’s something that we’re really going to worry about."

High tide for Wednesday has already passed, and so far New York has seen no flooding. High tide arrives again, however, around 1AM Thursday, and a flooding warning remains in effect until 6AM.

At a press conference Wednesday afternoon, Mayor Bloomberg urged drivers in the Big Apple to stay off the roads after 5PM.

He also asked New Yorkers to check on their elderly neighbors. According to ABC, "More than 620 nursing home residents in New York City's storm-battered Rockaways section were evacuated Tuesday."

Bloomberg said that 66,000 electrical customers in the city were still without power Wednesday, and a large percentage of those customers face a major hurdle because of flooding by salt water.

New York City parks, playgrounds, and beaches are closed until Thursday at noon.

11/07/2012 8:23 PM EST

Station Reports 2.8 Inches Of Snow In Central Park

@ breakingstorm :

Observation station reporting 2.8 inches of snow in Central Park - @breakingweather

11/07/2012 7:40 PM EST

'Waffles Falling Out Of The Sky'

@ weatherchannel :

"We've got waffles falling out of the sky right now." - @JimCantore on the huge snowflakes falling in Trenton, NJ now. #Athena

11/07/2012 7:00 PM EST

LIRR Service Suspended

@ TWC_Shawn :

BREAKING NOW: Long Island Railroad service is suspended systemwide due to weather #Athena

11/07/2012 7:00 PM EST

Wind Gusts Dying Down

@ WSJweather :

As the #noreaster begins to really make some snow, wind gusts are dying down a bit. Atmosphere is becoming more "mixed" = less gusty.

11/07/2012 6:43 PM EST

Snow Accumulates In Uptown Manhattan

11/07/2012 6:25 PM EST

40,000 Lose Power

@ breakingstorm :

More than 40,000 Long Island, New York, customers lose power in nor'easter - @newsday

11/07/2012 6:18 PM EST

Staying Safe With Generators

@ NYGovCuomo :

Pls make sure you're staying warm safely tonight: Tips on avoiding dangerous exposure to Carbon Monoxide: #silentkiller

11/07/2012 6:09 PM EST

More Than 7 Inches Of Snow In Connecticut

11/07/2012 6:06 PM EST

Coastal Flooding In Massachusetts

@ JimCantore :

Nantucket, MA spotter reports COASTAL FLOOD at 05:34 PM EST -- 6 inches of water overwashing Easy Street .#MAwx

11/07/2012 5:58 PM EST

Nor'easter Exacerbating Sandy Cleanup Efforts