11/07/2012 11:21 am ET

Prince Charles & Camilla Cuddle Koalas In Adelaide (PHOTOS)

This morning as we rubbed the sleep from our eyes and recovered from our election-night anxiety hangovers, we turned to Getty Images with hope of something good. In addition to all the amazing Obama family photos, we found something GREAT.

Prince Charles and Camilla are currently pulling a Kate & Will, touring the Asian Pacific in honor of the queen's diamond jubilee. It's already been a fun voyage, and on Wednedsay, fresh off their time spent holding kangaroos, things got even cuter as the royal couple traded to another sort of marsupials for their expedition to Adelaide.

It was the usual royal tour pomp and circumstance: clinking wine glasses, greeting children and greeting locals. But then came the koalas.

Like every Australian tourist before them, Charles and Camilla got to snuggle with the furry creatures for a very cute photo opp. Charles cuddled up to a koala named Kao, while Camilla clutched a baby koala named Matilda. From the looks of the Duchess of Cornwall's face in these photos, though, Matilda and Camilla were not exactly fast friends.

Hopefully we'll have more animal sightings as the week goes on, as the royal couple will also travel to Melbourne, Hobart and Sydney before heading to New Zealand.

Four more years of koalas! Or something.

Prince Charles & Camilla Cuddle Koalas In Australia

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