11/08/2012 04:44 pm ET

'Drunk Nate Silver' Sweeps Twitter: Prognosticator Goes Mad With Power (TWEETS)

Dammit, Nate Silver. You just had to be right about everything, didn't you?

Within a matter of weeks, Nate Silver's celebrity rose to its highest mark. His wonky, number-crunching New York Times blog became a haven for liberals during this election season, but a couple weeks prior to the election, he faced a massive backlash from the chattering crowd over his prediction that Obama would see an easy win on Election Day. (In retrospect, they were probably just bracing themselves for an Democratic loss and didn't want Silver to jinx it.)

But when Silver's predictions proved to be thoroughly correct, he finally got to relax. And maybe a bit more. Enter the Twitter joke, "Drunk Nate Silver."

If Silver can predict the election with such startling accuracy, what's keeping him from using his powers for evil? And after a few drinks, who's to say that he won't? Now's the time, Nate. You've earned it.

Check out some tweets imagining Drunk Nate Silver's antics.

Drunk Nate Silver Tweets