11/09/2012 02:42 pm ET

Calle 13 Releases Music Video For Anti-Violence Anthem 'La Bala' (VIDEO)

Puerto Rico’s Calle 13 released a music video for their anti-violence anthem “La Bala” on Thursday, People en Español reports.

The band, famous for its left-wing politics and pan-Latin American pride, got a boost for its anti-gun message from UNICEF, which throw down money to produce the video and is promoting the video on its social media accounts.

The song’s lyrics lament the proliferation of guns in a world where useful resources are short. From the chorus:

There’s not much money

But there’s a lot of bullets

There’s not much food

But there’s a lot of bullets

There’s few good people

That’s why there’s so many bullets

"The song ‘the Bullet’ comes from the pain I feel when I see how some people devalue life," frontman René "Residente" Pérez said in a press release.

Simon Brand led a team of 12 directors from 10 different countries who helped produce the video for the politically charged song.”

See the music video for yourself above!



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