11/09/2012 06:30 pm ET Updated Nov 09, 2012

Dead Pig Dressed In Mitt Romney T-Shirt Left On GOP Office Doorstep In California (VIDEO)

Authorities are searching the person who left a pig carcass wrapped in a Mitt Romney T-shirt at a Southern California Republican Party office.

The Los Angeles Times reports that the dead animal was found early Thursday morning at the GOP office on Highland Avenue in Manhattan Beach.

Manhattan Beach Police threw the remains in a nearby trash can, but not before it was caught on video.

"I thought it was a dead body because of the way he approached it," resident Andy Gaeta told ABC7. "And then when he lifted the shirt, he saw the head wrapped in barbed wire and it's cut in half, the whole skull was. It looked like something from a butcher's market."

"When I got closer I was like, 'Oh, this is kind of gross. There was like barbed wire on its head. It's nasty," Tom Scully, a passerby, told the station.

MBPD Sgt. Steve Kitsios confirmed the report with Patch on Friday morning, saying that Detective Sgt. Paul Ford is handling the investigation.

Manhattan Beach Police Animal Control later removed the trash can with the pig's remains as evidence. Police say they're investigating the incident as an "illegal dumping of an animal carcass," according to KTLA.