11/09/2012 12:42 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

1 In 3 Google Employees Allegedly Inactive On Google+

It seems Google+ may not even be that popular with its creators.

Google's big foray into social media, which stood poised to threaten Facebook's grip on its hundreds of millions of users before being dubbed the internet's "ghost town," has come under some scrutiny this November thanks to a new site called Google Plus Ghosts. According to the webpage, nearly one-third, or 33.2 percent, of Google employees haven't updated their Google+ profiles within the past month.

The site also notes that, out of the 2,000 profiles analyzed, around 20.7 percent of employees haven't posted anything to their profiles in the last three months, while another 12.9 percent have remained inactive for the last six months.

See some of the stats below [via: Google Plus Ghosts]

google employees google plus

So the question is: How are we expected to use this social media network if a large portion of those working for its creator can't even remember to post updates for half a year?

“Google's employee activity on Google+ is discouragingly low,” reads Google Plus Ghosts. The man behind this revealing, little site is Yousaf Sekander, director of the digital marketing agency RocketMill and the developer behind URL metrics site Social Crawlytics.

But the search engine giant is defending its employees. "The majority of posts shared on Google+ are private. That’s been true from the beginning," a spokesperson told Mashable. Google has also previously come under fire for "how few of its senior executives are visible" on the social network, per TechCrunch. In fact, after the June 2011 launch of Google+, it took executive chairman Eric Schmidt nearly four months to create his public profile.



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