11/09/2012 12:04 pm ET Updated Nov 09, 2012

50 Out Of 50 'Outliers'

Tuesday was a good night for the "quants," including Pollster, which called every state correctly in the presidential and senate contests - as noted by The Wall Street Journal, Marketplace, US News, The New York Times, The Chronicle Of Higher Education, Reuters and C|Net.

Harry Enten explains how pollsters won the election, mostly.

Colby Cosh assesses Nate Silver.

Jan Crawford reports the Romney campaign believed the public polls were skewed, oversampled Democrats and didn't reflect Republican enthusiasm.

Reid Wilson reports on partisan internal polls that showed one reality for the Republicans and another for the Democrats.

Sasha Issenberg gives a shout out to Democratic pollsters as patrons of methodological innovation.

Dave Weigel remembers an overlooked exit poll win.

Maggie Haberman and Emily Schultheis profile Neil Newhouse, "the most respected GOP pollster in the country."

Samuel Best and Brian Krueger consider Gallup's miss.

Frank Newport expresses surprise at the non-white turnout.

Terry Greene considers why a failure to poll in Spanish understated Obama's vote in the Southwest.

The Miami Herald explains why their poll was so far off.

Pew Research pilot tests a Google consumer survey on politics.