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Debbie Harry Rocks Out In A Pink Ensemble During The Early Days Of Blondie (PHOTO)

With her eye-catching platinum blonde hair, enviable cheekbones and sassy attitude, Debbie Harry, the front woman of the revolutionary punk band Blondie, often led people to believe "Blondie" was the singer's name. Although she was one of five members in the band, she was by far the most eye-catching. Not only was she was the sole woman, she was the coolest chick around.

Harry was a regular at Studio 54 and had an undeniably sexy persona only enhanced by songs like "Heart of Glass" and "Call Me." She quickly became a rock 'n' roll icon, popularizing the punk rock look for ladies with her penchant for leather jackets, ripped t-shirts and revealing ensembles.

In this 1970 photo, Harry managed to make the color pink look totally rock 'n' roll. She paired bubblegum-colored sunglasses, jeans and a beret with a white tee that she rolled at the sleeves like a total rock star. Will you try Debbie Harry's girly punk look?

debbie harry

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