11/12/2012 08:13 am ET Updated Nov 12, 2012

'Sins & Secrets': Father Beaten To Death By His Children After Sleeping With Son's Girlfriend (VIDEO)

The shocking story of a father who was murdered by his own children in Omaha, Nebraska was explored on the latest "Sins & Secrets." Through reenactments, the show told the horrible story of the Carson family and the Elkhorn Eight. Ultimately, eight people were charged with involvement in the beating death of Brian Carson.

Brian's teenage son Ryan plotted with his sister and mother -- as well as friends -- to kill his father. Brian had begun a romantic relationship with Ryan's girlfriend and was living with her. Authorities believed this to be Ryan's motive for patricide.

According to the show, Ryan's mother agreed to let the kids use her house to kill her husband -- as long as they didn’t make a mess. Ryan and his friends beat Brian to death with a fire poker, a pipe wrench and a shovel, then put the body in a trunk.

In the end, everyone pleaded guilty to their involvement in Carson's death, and received sentences ranging up to 80 years in prison. Ryan's mother Teresa was sentenced to 18-20 years.

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