11/13/2012 02:49 pm ET Updated Nov 13, 2012

Ariel Winter Abuse Claims: 'Modern Family' Producers Wanted Star's Mom Banned From Set (REPORT)

Allegations that "Modern Family" star Ariel Winter's mother physically and emotionally abused her appear to be getting stronger by the day.

The 14-year-old star was removed from her home last month and placed under the temporary guardianship of her 34-year-old sister, Shanell Gray. Winter's mother, Chrystal Workman, has denied the allegations, but sources told TMZ that the abuse was evident to "Modern Family" producers, who wanted Workman banned from the set.

The source, who has worked on the hit ABC show for more than a year and is in constant contact with the young actress, revealed that Workman was "hated" by the crew, producers and actors because of how she treated her daughter.

According to the source Workman berated the actress for her physical appearance, saying her ears were too big and she looked ugly in her clothes, and also heavily monitored her diet -- allegedly allowing her to eat only egg whites and raw vegetables.

The source's claims mirror those filed by Winter's sister when she asked the judge to grant her custody. Gray claims Workman has slapped, hit and pushed Ariel, as well as abused her in the form of "vile name calling, personal insults about [her and her weight], attempts to 'sexualize' minor, deprivation of food, etc. for an extended period of time."

A source also confirmed to FOX that there had been issues on set with Winter's mother and that the cast is now rallying around the teen and making sure she's okay.

Since news that Winter was removed from her home, many people have been coming out of the woodwork to put in their two cents. The star's older brother, Danny Workman, stuck up for his mother and denied the allegations, while Winter's best friend Sterling Beaumon -- a fellow child star -- told TMZ that since moving in with her sister, Ariel is "in a much better situation."

"Everything is good with her," Sterling said ... "She's in a much better situation now."

Reps for ABC told The Huffington Post they have no comment regarding these reports.

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