11/13/2012 12:22 pm ET Updated Nov 13, 2012

Devin Jay Maciel, Lyford Elementary School Student, Told By Teacher He's 'Dumb And Stupid'

Texas mother Veronica Cortez is furious after her son Devin Maciel came home from school one day with a teacher he was excited to have, only to say he doesn't want to go back.

The sudden change of heart stems from an incident during the day at Lyford Elementary School, when the teacher told 10-year-old Devin he was "dumb and stupid" for acting up in class, Cortez tells KGBT.

The teacher admitted to the comment and has since apologized, but Cortez wants to see further action from the school. The mother adds that ever since the teacher made that comment, Devin has taken to calling himself "dumb and stupid" as well.

Lyford Superintendent Edudardo Infante told KGBT that school officials have handled the situation, but didn't detail the actions.

"We deal with situations, and I'm sorry that they feel that way," Infante said. "We've done what we can to deal with the matter and we've, honestly, feel like we've dealt with it in the most appropriate way."

A number of teachers have been criticized and disciplined for outbursts of frustration. In July, a Bradenton, Fla. parent found a Facebook discussion among teachers of G.D. Rogers Garden Elementary School in which one educator calls a student the "evolutionary link between orangutans and humans." Another teacher responded that the comment made her "laugh out loud."

Last year, a first grade teacher at Paterson School 21 in Paterson, N.J., was suspended after writing on Facebook that she felt like a "warden," and referred to students as future criminals. The school board said, however, that officials cannot remove a teacher there for what is said on Facebook and can only act if it spills over into the classroom.

And just weeks earlier in Doylestown, Pa., Central Bucks East High School English teacher Natalie Munroe was suspended for blogging about her students and referring to them as "disengaged, lazy whiners."

Munroe was reinstated at the school because she had a "legal right to her job," but was later fired for poor performance.

But back in Lyford, Texas, Devin says he's just going to "get back up and try again."



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