11/13/2012 03:35 pm ET

Sexual Harrassment Study: People Are Less Brave Than They Perceive (VIDEO)

A recent study suggests that people perceive they would respond more aggressively to sexual harassment compared to how people actually react in real-life harassment situations. In a segment for HuffPost Live, host Jacob Soboroff explored this perception and whether it makes people judge victims of harassment more harshly.

Danya Craig joined Soboroff to share how she was treated after being attacked on Halloween. When she blogged about her experience, there were over 500 responses, many of which suggested she was to blame for the situation.

“Within the first few comments, someone was saying, ‘You need to have a male escort at night. You need to be going out with people,'” Craig said. “People were saying, ‘I’m sorry for your experience, but I don’t see anywhere that you kicked him, you fought, you yelled.'”

Soboroff and Craig were joined by CJ Scarlett, CEO of Roving Coach International, Kelly Bourdet, a writer for Vice Magazine, and Julie Blais Comeau, blogger and former HR manager.

Watch the full segment on HuffPost Live.