11/13/2012 06:08 pm ET

PSE&G Worker Allegedly Fixed Ex-Wife's Electricity, While Leaving Other Houses Dark After Sandy

Apparently it pays to have friends working in powerful places.

A PSE&G worker allegedly restored electricity to his ex-wife’s house in Manville, New Jersey, while leaving six other houses dark for six more days, reports. The block lost power during Hurricane Sandy after a tree took down a utility pole and transformer.

The company is investigating the allegations, according to

The worker’s move seems even more egregious given that roughly 120,000 New Jersey and New York customers still lacked electricity as of Sunday. In the wake of the storm, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has repeatedly slammed New York utility companies for their poor preparation before Sandy, as well as their lack of communication in its aftermath.

Still, it seems the New Jersey-based PSE&G has done right by most of its customers. The rest of the Manville block had its power restored Friday night and 99 percent of PSE&G customers got their electricity back shortly thereafter.

In Sandy's aftermath, some have even given themselves special treatment. Cuomo fired Steven Kuhr, New York’s director of emergency management, after he called a Suffolk County work crew to remove a tree from his own driveway.



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