11/13/2012 07:41 am ET Updated Nov 13, 2012

'Revolution': Finding Nora's Sister Only Makes Things Worse For Everyone (VIDEO)

After narrowly escaping a trap at a bridge, Charlie and her team of revolutionaries faced an emotional dilemma on "Revolution." The man who'd orchestrated the trap was the one person Miles had feared when he was running the militia: Strausser.

So when Strausser revealed that he had Nora's sister Mia, they had no choice but to try and stage a rescue. And because they always manage to pull these things off, they rescued her. Or was it because of their own brilliance?

Mia immediately started trying to convince Nora to abandon Charlie's crusade and go with her to Texas, where she'd found their missing father. Flashbacks showed the sisters on their own after their father disappeared shortly after the blackout. That tight bond was what ultimately convinced Nora to go with her sister.

It would prove an ill-fated decision. Mia had managed to snatch the pendant necklace from Aaron -- that can turn back on the power -- and presented it to Strausser. Nora couldn't believe what she was seeing. Mia had traded this, as well as setting up Charlie and the others for an ambush. In exchange, Nora and Mia got their freedom.

Realizing this wasn't the Mia she'd known -- she'd lied about having found their father as well -- Nora abandoned her sister an went back to rescue her friends. But the pendant made its way to Monroe. As Miles pointed out, giving him the ability to restore power will make him more dangerous than ever.

The "Revolution" continues on Mondays at 10 p.m. ET on NBC.

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