11/13/2012 10:01 am ET Updated Jan 13, 2013

Wash. U.'s Big Fat (mysterious) Greek Crackdown | Student Life

Flickr: SigEp NV Alpha '03

On Nov. 1, Washington University's chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon was suspended and told to halt operations indefinitely due to an ongoing investigation. But since then, no verified facts have emerged as to what happened and why the fraternity was punished. Chief of the Washington University Police Department Don Strom, Coordinator for Greek Housing David Wallace, Coordinator of Chapter Development Lucy Morlan and Interfraternity Council President Eric Fischer all declined to comment for Student Life's news story regarding the suspension. Though we are inclined to believe that the University's investigation is justified, the lack of transparency regarding the investigation is troubling. There is a middle ground between complete disclosure and near-silence on the matter, between giving nothing more than general information about the violations and being open to dialogue about the situation. Refusing any sort of compromise is ultimately unfair both to students and the University itself.