11/14/2012 02:37 pm ET

Adam Carolla: Jimmy Kimmel Should Be People's Sexiest Man Alive

Self-described "guy's guy" Adam Carolla doesn't think the editors at People magazine are taking everything that really matters to both men and women into account when they choose their annual "Sexiest Man Alive." This year's pick was Channing Tatum, but selecting a guy based on his good looks alone isn't good enough for Carolla, who thinks they should look at a particular part of a man’s body to measure how sexy he is. With that in mind, Adam suggests they take a good, hard look at his big star pal, Jimmy Kimmel.

“I think we should narrow it down to the top five and then have a simple test to see who is the real winner. A simple water displacement test would do it. I have a van and I’m willing, schedule permitting. It’s an unmarked van and celebrities could come in and see who out of George, Ben, Matt and Brad is America’s real winner," Carolla said. "After all, that part of each guy is part of being a man. Now, I have seen Jimmy Kimmel naked several times and I’m just saying maybe People might want to think about him. We all know it’s not the length or the girth. It's a combination of both. Now, honestly, wouldn't you really want to know that?”

Carolla's new book, "Not Taco Bell Material," includes stories about things that drive him crazy and why he thinks nothing should be off limits to comedians, especially the hypocrisy of Hollywood.

“I’m sick of these guys pretending they don't care they have been named the sexiest,” Carolla said. “I want to see them party after they won. Plus it’s always the same five guys. Johnny Depp won! Bold choice, People magazine."

"I also think we can get rid of the world ‘alive.’ I’m not sure anyone is expecting a dead guy to be on the cover of People magazine,” he added.



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