11/14/2012 10:25 am ET

How To Channel Cripplingly Strong Bouts Of Negativity Into Healthy Competitiveness, Creativity And Self-Love (Or -- "Kinda Like")

It came out of nowhere -- I just checked my Facebook, home of the humblebrag, and scattered among the photos of homemade gourmet omelets and Eurotrip albums was the one thing that could ruin my day: that person I don’t like accomplishing something.

Two things happened: The first was this burning feeling that started in my cheeks and slowly branched off and incinerated the rest of my body as I sat in my seat. My eyes fixed themselves to the screen until my brain ordered me to look away, minimize the page -- NO -- close the page, maybe even delete Facebook, who needs Facebook anyway? And then I calmed down, feeling a coldness settle over me -- the chilliness only evidence of how powerful these feelings of self-deprecation and envy really were.

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