11/14/2012 11:12 am ET Updated Nov 14, 2012

Nick Cannon Says Mariah Carey Is A 'Diva' When It Comes To Changing Diapers (VIDEO)

Diva ways die hard, not only on the set of "American Idol," where Mariah Carey reportedly battled it out last month with rapper Nicki Minaj, but in the Carey-Cannon household where "America's Got Talent" host, Nick Cannon, says his 18-month old twins are running the show.

In an appearance on "Anderson Live," Cannon revealed that "right now, the kids run the house." "We are just running and chasing after them and then my wife is being the diva that she is. I am trying to keep up with them," he told the show's host Anderson Cooper.

When the newsman asked who changes the most diapers, Cannon's response was perhaps no surprise.

"Me," Cannon replied, adding, "I mean we all do it, but for some reason I get that duty a little bit more."

Clearly Carey's found some other ways to bond with Dem Babies. The working mom took to Twitter in August to show off her cuties, Moroccan and Monroe, and then hit the Santa Monica pier last month for a Carey-Cannon family day.

Cannon not only told Cooper about his diaper changing routine, but about the life-changing lupus diagnosis he received earlier this year. "Now, my doctor says I'm 100 percent; I'm in tip-top shape; I'm in better shape than I've ever been in my life," Cannon said, explaining how he's since given up red meat and adopted a more vegetable-focused diet.



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