11/14/2012 05:44 am ET Updated Nov 14, 2012

'Sons Of Anarchy': Tara Gets Manipulated Into Becoming An Accessory To Murder (VIDEO)

Tara's big heart got her into big trouble on the latest chapter of "Sons of Anarchy." She'd been making nice with Otto in prison to convince him to retract his testimony in a legal case hanging over the Sons. She brought him his old lady's perfume and even shared in a powerful emotional breakdown with the felon.

For his final request, he wanted the crucifix his old lady had given him so he could pray. He'd been an angel with her to this point, so she acquiesced. Otto then manipulated the situation to get Tara out of the room long enough for him to use the crucifix to attack one of the prison nurses. Before the guards could get there to subdue him, he savagely stabbed her in the neck with it until she was dead.

"Sons live, Redwood bleeds," he said. He'll help the MC, but in so doing he wants to put as much hurt on Jax as possible. Making his wife an accessory to murder is certainly one way to do that. Jax was confident that he and Tara can weather this new storm, but he's taken a darker turn since Opie's death, burning bridges that had held strong for decades on his quest for vengeance.

Is the new Jax all that different from the old Clay? He's losing allies both outside and within the club. He's getting involved deeper into the world of crime, rather than pulling the club out of it as he'd promised. They may get through this, and maybe he'll find a way to save Tara, but how many bodies will fall to the ground in the process?

Find out as "Sons of Anarchy" rides on, Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on FX.

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