11/15/2012 05:20 pm ET Updated Nov 15, 2012

Alcoholic Donuts? Chicago Bakery Delightful Pastries Serves Up Booze-Filled Treats

Need a happy hour pick-me-up at an early-bird time?

A trio of new, hooch-filled, deep-fried offerings at a Windy City bakery are now bringing a boozy bite to Chicagoans' mornings.

The new donuts at Delightful Pastries come in three alcoholic varieties, according to the Chicago Cheap Eats Examiner: Vanilla bean and vodka custard, chocolate custard and Godiva chocolate liqueur and passion fruit and Grand Marnier jelly.

Dobra Bielinski, the bakery's owner, explained to ABC Chicago that the recipe for diet-busting disaster is relatively simple: "Drunken doughnuts are our regular doughnut that are filled with different liqueurs, liquored up custards and liquored up jams."

The donuts are available at all three of the bakery's Chicago locations -- 5927 W. Lawrence Ave., 1710 N. Wells St. and at the French Market, 131 N. Clinton Ave.



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