11/15/2012 10:30 am ET

Bonnie Morris Swings Nunchuks Out Sunroof While Leading Police On Chase: Cops

Not everybody likes kung-fu driving.

A police officer in Carlsbad, NM says he tried to pull over Bonnie Morris, 46, last week when he spotted her swinging nunchuks out of her sunroof while she was driving, the Current-Argus reports.

She allegedly failed to stop, and led the officer on a slow-speed chase through a residential area, swinging the nunchuks all the way. She sped up when she got to the highway, and responding officers ultimately deployed spike strips to stop her in her tracks.

As police were taking her into custody, Morris allegedly tried to resist arrest, though it is unclear if she used the nunchuks in the process.

The incident inspired Eric Millikin of the Detroit Free Press to include "Never swing nunchuks through sunroof while driving" on his list of safe-driving tips.

That's not to say the ancient weapon can never be used for good. In October, a Maine woman used nunchuks to fight off her ex-boyfriend when he allegedly attacked her.



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