11/15/2012 08:44 am ET

Hacking Obama's DNA: Will Synthetic Biology Usher In A New Era Of Bioterrorism? (VIDEO)

I was recently asked to join HuffPost Live Producer/Host Jacob Soboroff for a conversation prompted by an article published in The Atlantic called "Hacking The President's DNA." It discusses how synthetic biology may be used to one day develop targeted bioweapons that could take out world leaders without leaving a trace.

Guests included David Brin (futurist and author of "The Transparent Society), Jamais Cascio (Distinguished Fellow at the Institute for the Future), and George M. Church (Professor of Genetics at Harvard Medical School).

Check out the highlights by watching the video above. What are your thoughts about the future of synthetic biology? May science fiction soon be science fact? Don't forget to leave a comment at the bottom of the page. Come on, talk nerdy to me!

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