11/15/2012 12:27 pm ET Updated Nov 15, 2012

Jonathan Esposito, UK Man, Gets Full Body Wax For Cancer Charity (VIDEO)

Jonathan Esposito, 22, decided to brave pain in honor of his grandmother.

The UK native filmed himself getting a full body wax to raise money for Cancer Research UK, a nonprofit dedicated to cancer research, for his grandmother who survived melanoma, Esposito wrote in an email to The Huffington Post.

"i was at the pub and my friend said u would look funny with a bald head so i said ILL DO IT ! and ill do it for charity," Esposito wrote, explaining how the fundraising idea was conceived.

Esposito has set up a website to collect donations. So far he’s raised £112 ($177) with a goal of £300.

The video, which was shared on YouTube on Oct. 25, shows Esposito getting shaved and waxed by his girlfriend, Zoe. He starts with shearing his head, followed by waxing his eyebrows, chest, armpits and legs. The entire process took five hours. At some points Esposito waxes himself, spewing expletives as he does.

Esposito says his self-confidence sank afterwards. He finds he gets a lot of stares -- even more than he usually gets for his distinctive facial piercings, he told HuffPost.

Despite the pain, Esposito says the experience was worth it, he wrote to HuffPost.

“It does give u a warm feeling inside helping people,” he wrote.



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