11/15/2012 05:08 pm ET

Will Ferrell, Son Mattias Design Coffee Cup To Support Cancer Charity

Will Ferrell witnessed firsthand the financial impact that cancer can have on a family when his fraternity brother and friend, Craig Pollard, was diagnosed with the disease. Now, he's working with 7-Eleven and Pollard, a two-time cancer survivor and founder of the charity Cancer for College, to help alleviate some of that damage.

Cancer for College provides financial aid to cancer survivors in the form of college scholarships.

"It's unique in that my buddy Craig and I have known each other for 20-plus years. Next year is going to be the 20th year of the charity, so I have been involved 17 of those years, but it has a unique grassroots feel and it's all been built around a friendship," Ferrell tells The Huffington Post. "I told Craig, 'If you need me to be the face of this, let's do it.'"

This holiday season, 7-Eleven customers can support Cancer for College with the purchase of a large coffee in a limited-edition cup designed by the actor and his young son, Mattias.

"I am now a very crafty designer, along with the help of my 5-year-old son. Unfortunately, his artwork skills are much better than mine," confesses Ferrell, who says Martha Stewart doesn't have to be worried just yet.

"When we talk to the kids and meet these families, they have gone through such a powerful experience, literally a life-altering experience. They are looking for humor, and that's when I can come in," says Ferrell. "And they inspire me."

He adds, "We use it [education] as a political football and then don't really act upon it once whoever is in office is in office. So it's a little frustrating, considering we want to retain our status as being leaders of the free world."

The 7-Eleven promotion runs through Dec. 31.



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