11/16/2012 05:15 pm ET

'The Fighter' Reality Show: Mark Wahlberg Producing A&E Pilot About Boston Women Based On Film's Sisters

The Oscar-nominated 2010 film "The Fighter" may become a new reality TV show, Deadline reports.

Mark Wahlberg, who produced "The Fighter" and whose performance as professional boxer Micky Ward earned him a Golden Globe nomination, is working on a reality series inspired by Ward's sisters and half-sisters in the movie. A&E has ordered a pilot of the half-hour project, which Wahlberg will executive produce.

The "Untitled Mark Wahlberg Boston Women Project" will follow the day-to-day lives of four real, tough women of Boston. Filming is slated to begin in a few weeks, according to Deadline.

"The Fighter" sisters became a sensation when the movie was released. "Almost everyone who's seen 'The Fighter' has come out talking about 'the sisters,' the six (or is it seven?) big-haired, loud-talking, punch-throwing Irish American siblings," an "LA Times" reporter wrote in 2010. "They have nicknames as colorful as their hairstyles -- Tar, Pork, Beaver -- and, in the movie as in real life, are fiercely protective of their brothers while serving as a comedic Greek chorus."

Wahlberg's project isn't the first time a film has inspired a reality TV show. MTV recently premiered "Catfish," a reality series that follows people who've fallen in love with someone on the Internet and captures their first real-life encounters. The network also has had success with "16 & Pregnant" and its spinoff series "Teen Mom," which followed the massive hit "Juno." G4 was also reportedly working on a "Hurt Locker"-inspired reality series in 2010 called "Bomb Patrol: Afghanistan," which would have followed an Explosive Ordnance Disposal unit in Afghanistan.

For more on the "Untitled Mark Wahlberg Boston Women Project", head over to Deadline.

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